28 November 2006








When I’m facing any problems, I always ask myself “Now, the problem is here, how you are going to solve it?”

There are a lot of ways to solve one problem. The results might be the same, might not be the same, might solve the problem, might partially solve the problem or might not solve the problem. However, to be sure, we can choose. Do you want to solve it?

I used to come across a quote worth for a thought. One day, there was a piece of tinny tissue paper flew over and cover some grass. The question is “What do you think the grass underneath will be after 3 days?” The answer is “The middle one will dry, side one will avoid the tissue paper and grow from the side.”

The grass was facing problem. Some have chosen to die; some have chosen to avoid it. Is there any other solution? Grass don’t have, but I doubt human also don’t have. What we need to do is be strong and break it. That’s all, it is just a tinny tissue paper.

“Now, the problem is here, how you are going to solve it?”


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No doubt every now and then we will be facing problems and it is true that we the human will face it in our own various way. Most human will choose to avoid to solve the problem by giving excuse ‘I don’t know how to solve’, ‘Is not my issue’, ‘I have no time for this/these’, ‘Let it be and I will know how to do when the time has come’ and so on.

The easiest way to do is to avoid solving the problem/s. You won’t feel anything for now but when the time really comes then you and I will panic and depress. That why many psychiatry do their earning. Always we being advise to do this; break your problems into pieces then solve it 1 by 1. A lot of us misunderstand the true meaning about the phrase. Normally we wait until the problem become big/great then only we sit down to try to crack our heads to solve them. To me, the true meaning of it is solve the problem when it is fresh or new or small and don’t wait until it becomes big/great. However when the problem that passed on to us is great then only we try to break them into small pieces and solve accordingly.

For an example, if there is a staff always reports late to work. As a superior/manager what will u do or what should you do? Are you going to keep quiet or confront the particular staff so that he/she is given the understanding/aware of the company ruling and disciplinary action? So, normally those superiors/managers will just wait and pass this matter to the HR Dept to handle as they thought it was not their job. Nevertheless, if HR Dept will step in to handle the matter, normally these superiors/managers will also receive their warning letters from the management. When that happens, these superiors/managers will feel the unfairness as they thought their job is to concentrate the good productivity of the department and not knowing in order to do that is one of the basic matters count is to make sure his/her subordinates be punctual to work. Somehow rather the rest in the team/department will be influenced if one of them is allow to report to work late.

So if I am the grass, then I will keep growing and let the tissue to rot and turn into fertilizer to fertilize me to keep growing stronger.

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Thanks for your comment and great explanation on this topic. You have a very good experience to share.

Why done you write some working related experience in your blog and share it with us?