26 July 2006


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Ten Years Old – Jiang Guang Chao

This is really funny. I was told that I looked like “Jiang Guang Chao” when I was just a baby. The elders like to make “aiyoo, aiyoo” in front of me. According to them, my face will squeeze after hearing that word and looked like Jiang Guang Chao. If you don’t know who Jiang Guang Chao is, please refer to the picture.


Marine Lai said...

Ha ha ha... To me, you don't look like Jiang Guang Chao. You are more good looking than him. So, don't worry my friend as having 'rabbit tooth' don't make you ugly, hehehehehe.....

Actually don't really make any difference though most people prefer to choose on the look as first impression. There's a say: "Don't judge by the cover of a book". Actually the characteristic, personality and what is in whithin the heart are the most important. Having good looking doesn't guarantee anything as I know most "playboy" have the good looking too, but will never faithfull and that's why many innocent beings lives destroyed because of that.


凡奇 Frankie said...

Jiang Guang Chao is a very famous actor cum singer....if I can be like him, I will be a successful person. By the way, with my look, do you think I'm a playboy? kekekke

明用一凡™ 就是品牌! said...


凡奇 Frankie said...

明用一凡 - 看来我们的旧公司有好几个歌星,你像品冠,beeyen像燕姿,我像brian。哈哈。