05 July 2006

Thanks 阿凯

Thanks to 阿凯 for introduce your blog to me. I feel please to read the blog and the stories are nice and smoothly being carried out. While reading the blogs inside, I got a strong feeling and the urge to write more in my blog. Well, I promised to myself that I will at least write one chinese article per week and few english articles per week. I really hope I can make it. Thanks again to 阿凯. Lets work hard towards our goal..... :)


阿凯 said...


阿凯 said...


Shanta said...

Hi Frankie,

Thank you for inviting me to check out you Blog. It's a good start to informing the Blog communities about you.

I wish you success in maintaing your Blog and I look forward to reading your views of the world as you see it.


Lee said...

keep up the good blogging Frankie, I look forward to reading it

凡奇 Frankie said...

Well, thanks for your support. I'm going to write about my childhood this coming weekend...bare with me...you will like this..:)