10 July 2006

In Memory of all those who love their boss !

This is really funny. Got it from a friend.

A guy phones up his Boss, but gets the bosses' wife instead."I'm afraid he died last week." she explains.
The next day the man calls again and asks for the boss."I told you" the wife replies, "he died last week."
The next day he calls again and once more asks to Speak to his boss.
By this time the wife is getting upset and shouts, "I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU TWICE, MY HUSBAND, YOUR BOSS, DIED LAST WEEK! WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING?"
"Coz," he replied laughing, "I just love hearing it..."


Purple_Butterfly said...


I dont understand the "ISI TERSIRAT" wooooo...or perhaps,meaningless??


凡奇 Frankie said...

huh? this is a jog actually....dont catch the ball, read again...:P

凡奇 Frankie said...

sorry should be joke.

Marine Lai said...

Dear Frankie,

Hmm…. Seems like a joke yea? But it is also what was kept in an employee’s heart whose boss/manager/immediate superior is the devil like of person. As an employee of an organization, we tend to deal with lots of pressure, be it the works, affairs and relationship in the office.

The reality is that most us do work under the so-called “very typical” bosses/managers/immediate superiors that really made our daily working moods on the roller coaster rides; especially when there were deadlines or goals to be met. Most of the time we wished they don’t come to the office at all or at least just leave us alone. I believe the most of us, “the employee”, really don’t like is that we work so hard but our bosses/managers/immediate superiors get the recognition and fame. What were left to us are those hectic works and blames (when results don’t turn out as were expected by the management). Yet, due to our personal commitment, we choose to swallow all that and continue working and keep motivate ourselves in terms of survival, hahahahaha……… .

Well, just try to ask ourselves, what have we done to deserve all the pressure? Have we really give it 100% attention on tasks that given to us? Have we really done enough all the necessary research (or is call homework) on the tasks that assigned to us? Lastly, did we really resolve the tasks given on the right tracks?

Being the boss/manager/immediate superior of the employees in an organization, it is not easy to please each and everyone, at least to work in extend that to understand what we really want or mostly we referring to “what the management wants”. When analyzing the fail of a certain task, we tend to look for faults on the staff/employee/subordinates instead of to understand/study deeper what the cause of the fail was. There were times we always gave excuses that we were very busy where there were too many tight schedules to meet, too many reports to review, too many meetings to attend and so forth, that makes we, the boss/manager/immediate superior, left with no ample time to understand what were our staffs/employees/subordinates facing when resolving the tasks given by us to them.

Well is time for us, the boss/manager/immediate superior, to re-consider again. Before assigning a task, do we really understand a particular staff/employee/subordinate’s ability, experience and capability? Can he or she handle the task with minimum supervision? Will he or she come to me whenever there’s an obstacle occur? Is he or she the right person for the task? What can he or she learn if I ought to give him or her, the particular task? Should I spend sometimes with him or her in elaborate about the task and what is expected as the result?

Well guys and ladies, these are the questions commonly should be in you and me, that I think could really help to bring the harmony in the working environment. No doubt that both parties do depends on each other as of realistically, employees depend on bosses for higher pay and promotion at the end of the day. Bosses depend on employees for results orientation and company growth as a whole in an organization.
Another 1 cent worth of opinion and hope you all enjoy, hehehehehe…….


凡奇 Frankie said...

wow, marine this is not 1 cent worth comment, but a priceless comment. I think whoever read on your comment will have the same thought.

To me, some time I will feel frastrated when the boss want me to do thing in his way and I dont think that is the best way. By what todo? As you said, we got to motivated ourselve and swallow all the tears for survive.

Benny said...

Wah..you shouldn't be like that, i know that you are mention about yourself, but you need not to write those stuff. I knew it because you hate your boss very very much :P

凡奇 Frankie said...

hi benny. Thanks for your comment, but I got this from a friend and it is just a joke, dont take it so serious..ok?