05 August 2006

对不起 - sorry


I would like to say sorry to my friends who don't know chinese. I'm quite busy lately, so there is no new post for the time been. Those blogs posted lately are all my old writting. Thanks for the emails and courages. I promise that I will write something new in the near futher. Please stay with me....By the way, you may suggest some topic that you would like to read on. Thanks.


vanille said...


凡奇 Frankie said...

Thanks vanille. Another reason why it takes time to write an article on chinese medicine is I'm not a chinese medicine doctor and there are too many misunderstanding about chinese medicine so far. I dont want to make it worse. My aim is to correct the mindset of those people as chinese medicine is a great solution to modern people in order to live a healthy life.

Marine said...

Dear Frankie,

I think it is good (if you don't mind) to have your
blog in both English and Chinese. Maybe you could have summary in English
rather than translating in full.

Well at the moment I guess it is best for you to concentrate to your work
and I bet you are very busy with it. Don't worry about your reader as they
will understand your situation as you had stated in your "Sorry" blog post.
I will wait for your next post and better when you are free when doing the

vanille said...

这么照顾你读者的要求,很快就加上了英文summary,难得! 要迎合每个人的"口味"是很挑战脑力和精力的,对我来说。:-)

凡奇 Frankie said...