22 September 2006

Extra Workload

There are on going projects need to be finished by Jan 2007. Here come another new project. Our Vietnam branch office is going to put under our control. We got to modify our system to incorporate this. The modification should be done before December.

I am happy with the change but the workload is really heavy. I think I will need to work every Saturday starting from tomorrow. I got to revise my plan and make sure everything run smoothly.

I might be slowly cutting down my posting here. Please stay with me even my absent.

Anyway, I will continue to post one article on Chinese Medical a week. And, for sure I will miss a lot of good articles.

Till then, friend.


Mee Ling said...

Anyway, you have my best wishes and blessings...May God's peace, love and hope be always with you abundantly!

Yiing Cong said...


凡奇 Frankie said...

Mee Ling,
Thanks for your wishes. Wish you the same too.

Yiing Cong,

Marine Lai said...

Dear Frankie,

Well it seems your company sales has extended its marketing area and this is a good sign.

Whenever there is an additional project, your work load of course will will be more. I do believe not only you alone but the rest of your fellow colleagues too experiance the same working loads.

I would like to wish you and your fellow colleagues all the best and shall there be harmonious among yourselves towards the smooth of jobs undertaking. Hopefully by the end of the year you all will be rewarded with fruitfull bonuses. Hahahahaha......


明用一凡™ 就是品牌! said...

或许在IT领域里,都需要这样过日子吧。就像我和所有认识的同事说:“May the force be with you!”好好照顾身子,千万不要像我个已无法挽救地步。


凡奇 Frankie said...

Marine Lai ,
Well, luckyly I have a team of good colleagues. Thanks for wishes.

明用一凡™ 就是品牌!,